Red Rock Photoshoot

Red Rock Photoshoot | Goddess Session in Las Vegas at Red Rock Desert

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From a young age society teaches us that we must grow up and be the perfect woman.  Today's culture expects everything from the perfect woman.

We are expected to do it all and if we can’t do it all, there is something wrong with us. We are trying to balance full time jobs, or raising our kids at home full time, while being perfect wives to our husbands and perfecting the ideal Pinterest craft.  We are taught that everything in the world is limited - finances, jobs, men, love, promotions, and yes it's all a competition. You are only as good today as your performance. 

We are told self-sacrifice is a noble act, and this begins in girlhood. We are told that a woman’s worth depends on who she marries, where she lives, the size of the rock on her finger, the children she raises, where she shops, what she wears, and of course, her dress size.

We are taught the art of self-comparison - who’s the hottest, who’s the thinnest, who is most liked - which will ultimately chip away our self esteem.  We are taught to second guess ourselves and to become victims of time. Never doing enough and always adding more to our plate.

I want women to reclaim their feminine power. To embrace themselves as they are today. To find in themselves the power to balance the negative thoughts with the joys of being alive.

Angel photoshoot

I approach each Goddess portrait session as an opportunity to show you how powerful and beautiful you are. 

I want you to meet Agnes, she is a single mother of two beautiful children. She is originally from Hungary and came to America to fulfill her dreams.

She owns an online clothing store and creates beautiful gowns for expectant mothers. Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibility, and Agnes barely has time for herself. This includes dating.  

I was incredibly excited when Agnes and I connected and decided to do a Goddess Session in the beautiful background of Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. 

Just before sunset we captured beautiful sexy photographs that embrace her womanhood. That take us back to our basic nature. Natural, bare, beautiful, strong and sexy. Where soft is strong, and vulnerable is powerful. 

Being a woman is beautiful, we are compassionate and fierce, strong and soft, and nurturing.

Love everything about yourself and show the world how incredible you are. Not because of the body you have, but because of the life you have lived. The challenges you have overcome and the journey that skin, those eyes, your hips tell. You are perfectly beautiful just the way you are. 

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