Why The Goddess Experience?


 Society constantly expects more from us as women. As soon as a girl hits puberty the comparisons begin. Is she thin enough, smart enough, tall enough, talented enough? 

 How many times have your children heard you say you need to go on a diet? Or any other negative remark about yourself? If you don't have children, how often do you stand in front of the mirror and list the things you love about yourself? I can tell you the answer to that is not often enough.

I need to tell you that no matter where you are today, you are perfectly beautiful.  That even if you don't love every single thing about yourself, that it is ok to show yourself respect and love. It is ok to want to be healthier, stronger and even thinner. But, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't love the body you have right now.  That body is keeping you alive. You are breathing; it literally loves you so much that it keeps going every single day.

 I want you to take the day off; and after your photoshoot plan a lovely dinner with your husband or friends. Let's honor the woman you are today, let's create a timeless heirloom photo that will hang on your wall commemorating the woman you are today.  And, if you don't love every photo, if you decide not to buy any portrait; that is ok. Do The Goddess Experience for yourself; to remind yourself how wonderful you are, and enjoy the experience for what it is; A day about you. 

Love , 


 The 9 Up All About Me Fine Art Photo and Frame is a great way to display your beautiful portraits. The Print will be displayed in a beautiful 20x30 frame with 9 of your favorite images; in your choice of frames black, brown, white or a gorgeous baroque style gold.

The 9 Up All About Me Fine Art Photo and Frame is a great way to display your beautiful portraits. The Print will be displayed in a beautiful 20x30 frame with 9 of your favorite images; in your choice of frames black, brown, white or a gorgeous baroque style gold.


Today is a perfect example of how a glam photoshoot is such a worthy experience for all women. I am a hot mess surrounded by piles of “stuff” everywhere. Literally and emotionally. I would say I’m drowning. All sorts of doubt, feat, frustration and desperation about within me.
But, these images I am now seeing from my time with Maria are perfect reminders to the strength, the accomplishments, the faith, that still exist and will WIN over once again.
— Holly Davis
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The Royal Haus Studio

The Studio is located in Down Town Houston with easy access from I10. It features a client wardrobe, hair and make up station and beautiful exposed brick.  

I will guide you, and hold your hand every step of the way. You will know exactly what to do to prepare for your Goddess Experience. So... Relax and let me take care of everything. 

Complimentary Consultation


  • The Goddess Experience Session Design
  • Preparing for your Goddess Experience
  • Dress Fitting
  • Hair and Make up Design
  • Product, Investment and Payment
  • Portrait Reveal and parties
  • Product Delivery

Hair and Make up

Our Professional Hair and Make up Team will
ensure that you feel and look like the Goddess  you are!

Access to Client Wardrobe and Personal Styling

ur Client Wardrobe offers options from sizes 0 to 26. 
You are more then welcome to bring your own styling pieces. 
The optional fitting consulation will ensure that the day of your photoshoot
you are relaxed and confident in what you will be wearing.

Goddess Portraits houston texas


SESSION RETAINER FEE \ $350 Includes Hair and Makeup, access to client wardrobe, portrait artist, styling, and personal reveal
8X10 $150




We offer a luxury photography experience that is once in a lifetime. Maria Arellano from Maribella Portraits  a world-renowned photographer and her team of stylists bring you a one-of-a-kind portrait session that you will cherish for the rest of your life.


average investment

$45OO ~ 55OO


The Goddess Experience

What if I could show you how beautiful you are?

My goal is to give you the best photographs you have
ever had of yourself.
I want you to proudly display them, share them,
hold them and treasure them as heirloom portraits.

I want the experience to be one of the best days of your life. 
I am honored to be able to photograph you,
to show you that you are perfect as you are.

I am obsessed with you!

The Photo Shoot  







The Goddess Shot is our Grand Finale of the portrait experience. We place you in a gorgeous Mermaid Gown on top a pedestal and the final touch a beautiful Crown. This is the featured Fine Art Piece meant to show you in a glorious and glamorous way. 



The Black outfit on Black Background

This is beautiful and classic and I love to photograph women wearing black turtle necks or gowns. 


The Oversize Sweater or T-shirt

You may chose one of our soft sweaters in neutral tones or bring your favorite sweater or t-shirt. 


The White outfit on White Background

Daring in the color choice and clean. We can also switch this to neutral on neutral colors. 

vintage inspired photoshoot

Vintage inspired Classic Portraits

These simple portraits focus on creating legacy family heirloom portraits, where your face and eyes are the main focus. We can do something artistic or keep it simple. 


The Folio Box

The Folio Box  the new way to cherish and preserve your memories. 
You can chose between beautifully matted metallic prints or
mounted prints with or without a border.
The Folio box is available in an 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14 Prints. 


The photos are ready to frame matted  prints,
or keep them in your folio box as your modern Coffee Table Book!
The Folio Box comes in Gold  Sparkle or Faux-Leather Black Finish.


Professionally Ready to  hang Metallic Prints


The reflective quality of our aluminum panels adds luminous color, depth, and high resolution detail to your favorite photos.


The print is tear proof and waterproof, as well as scratch and UV resistant 3x better than the best paper printing process, ensuring your metal prints stay gorgeous for a long, long time.


These Metal prints come ready to hang for a stunning contemporary look. No frames required.

50 plus photoshoot ideas

The Album

Hard time picking a favorite? This album is the perfect solution. 

A 12x12 Album with custom wood box and image folio.